83"x14' Utility Trailer With Side Ramps


  • Length 14 ft. (4.26 m.)
  • Width 83 ft. (2.10 m.)
  • Overall Dimensions 102 in. x 218 in.
  • GVWR 2,990 lbs. (1,356 kgs.)
  • GAWR 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kgs.)
  • Weight 1,217 lbs. (552 kgs.)
  • Payload Cap. 1,780 lbs. (807 kgs.)
  • Axle Qty. 1
  • Axle Type 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kgs.)
  • Brake Type Idler
  • Suspension 4-Leaf Springs
  • Tires ST205 15 in. Tire and Rims
  • Coupler Type Bumperpull
  • Coupler Spec. 2 in. A-Frame Coupler with Safety Chains
  • Jack(s) 2,000 lbs. Rated Top Wind Jack
  • Deck Treated Wood
  • Deck Height 20 in. (0.5 m.)
  • Ramp/Gate Fold-In Rear Ramp Gate/
    61" Side Ramps (2x)


Powdercoat Black





Fold-In Ramp/Gate

The ramp/gate features three positions, ramp mode, gate mode and folded in.

CT5X10GW (11)

Gate Latch

Heavy duty easy to use gate latches

TNU821431DSG (15)

Gate/Ramp Handle

The handle makes lowering and picking up the gate/ramp very easy.

2 in. A-Frame Coupler

2″ Ball welded on A-Frame coupler, simply pull the trigger latch-up to open the ball socket.

TNU821431DSG (19)

Side-Load Ramps

Load your equipment safely form either side of the trailer with the sturdy built in ramps.

Tire & Rim

5 Bolt steel modular rim with ST205/75 15″ trailer tires.


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